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Thread: Does a center channel have to match the right and left front speakers?

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    Does a center channel have to match the right and left front speakers?

    I have Dynaudio Confidence 1 speakers on the left and right. The Dynaudioís have an Esotec tweeter. For music listening Iíll just use the right and left channels, but for watching movies, Iím going to add a center channel speaker. To maintain good sound for watching movies, is it best to only get a Dynaudio speaker that has the same tweeter. Or can I get a less expensive but good center from another manufacturer who doesnít use that particular tweeter and still good good quality sound without the tweeters mixing badly (which is what the Dyn dealers tell me but of course that's in their interest)?

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    I answered in the Speakers and Headphones forum. Please don't post multiple copies of the same topic. Closed here.

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