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Thread: Oppo BDP-83: Can't Play Blu-ray Movie!

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    Well then it's your fault that the economy is in the toilet since your not doing your share buy "purchasing" movies.
    I would be buying more, except that my video production business is in the tank since 2009, and this year our property taxes went up over 65% due to revaluation. The economy would come back instantly if the government dissolved tomorrow, I garantee that.
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    I have the BDP-83. It is an early blu-ray player. I found it needed a couple of firm-ware / software upgrades before it would play 'all' the blu-ray disks I might toss at it. Now it seems to..but I haven't tried "The Adjustment Bureau". It does load up slowly on a blu-ray disk. Its hardware/cpu/whatever must be older tech.

    Meantime it hasn't refused to play any blu-ray disks I keep it for playing movies. For playing audio CD's it doesn't compare well against my (stock) Jolida JD100, which has much better sq.


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    The Oppo BDP-83 is a 2009 model (seven years old). Many owners are still using it, others had some playback problems (no wonder for an older player) is to send it to Oppo and they'll fix customer service in the business. You can even buy a working unit on eBay for a song. But then for two songs you can get the 103. And for three songs the upcoming Oppo 113 UHD BR player.

    In the lives of BR players and HDTVs the expectancy rate flies real quick as every year more improvements and features are added. Same with AV receivers.
    The only audio technology that is not advancing rapidly is the vintage audio gear: stereo receivers, stereo amplifiers, old solid reliable turntables from old reliable audio manufacturers; Linn, Technics, Oracle, Audio-Technica, Rega, Stanton, Pro-Ject, VPI, Numark, Music Hall, ...
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    It is time for an upgraded unit. The 103/105 units are great all around players and have better audio and video (Darbee) than the out of date unit the OP has. I know for me if the unit becomes "buggy" unplugging the power cord resets the unit.

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