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Thread: [WIP] Windows Vista/7 audio platform optimization project

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    Fidelizer 1.5 - Now supports Windows XP and 64-bit with kickass features

    They're couple of changes so let me explain how it works again.

    Fidelizer has 3 optimization levels. They're all for the same goal to sonic improvements. I'll leave them all to your judge whether they're subtle or big difference. At any rate, you should leave your ears with it for at least week if it doesn't hurt your computer. Some people need time to adapt to changes.

    The first ones is 'Professional'. This will optimize system to the extend that it won't significantly affect overall system performance. You can work as usual while enjoying improved multimedia experiences.

    The next ones is 'Audiophile'. This is quite dedicated ones for those who pursue higher fidelity. It will lower system/network performance so audio can gain more priority to access to resources at time. It will also lower most processes including system ones to lowest level so you need to close your audiophile player before using it.

    The last ones is 'Extremist'. As the name say, this isn't risk-free feature to try. It will stop most bundled system services leaving only important ones for audio. Yes, it will stop network services and such too. You may not know but Windows Audio and DHCP share the same process in service host provider so disabling network can significantly improve sonic performance. I also add some options to keep network and user experiences (HID,Tablet,Themes) working for some applications.

    For general use, you should stick with 'Professional' level but computer in today's market should be able to use 'Audiophile' without hassle about system/network performance. I use 'Audiophile' level on AMD Phenom X2 550 BE machine and ended up running fine for 24/7 usage.....ya it's old and cheap unlike i7 or Athlon II X6 but it still works.

    Changes in version 1.5
    -Features in State-of-art are merged into Audiophile
    -Fixed saving configuration to save all options
    -Improved system process optimizations stability
    -Improved Windows XP and 64-bit compatibilities
    -Restored stopping services feature in Extremist level

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    Please don't take offense Windows X but without more information there is too much risk to download and install this. You've made one post and you offer up software for download that makes deep changes to services and unspecified Windows settings. Chances are there will be no issues but you have to understand that many will not want to take the chance. Would you download this software if you came across it and didn't know anything about the author?

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    you can get the same thing (but safer) on
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    precisely my thoughts when I saw this post earlier when it went up. When I saw that changes would be made, like you I quickly said no
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    Did anyone run a virus scan on the file he posted?

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    I underdstand why you see it as risks but I also made tons of applications people using worldwide in so there's really nothing I can gain from doing malware.

    Stopping services is just one thing. The main benefits lies elsewhere and that really improved SQ such as

    1. optimize audio thread and I/O priorities using API call and MMCSS optimization
    2. optimize kernel clock resolution down to 0.5ms and clock rate of processor scheduling for lowest time slice improving contunity of bit-stream.

    At the moment it doesn't leave any modification to system so you can safely try it and restart to go back to normal environment. I can do a lot more than that but it involves permanent modifications and I'm not really sure if people can try suspicious applications that modify their system these days.

    Also, this program doesn't need installation. You just run it and it'll set things up for you without leaving any configuration to system so everything will be normal again after system restart.
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    I also posted in

    Some people there tested it and result was satisfying.

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    Changes in version 1.1
    -Added autorun support (can be disabled by running program again without autorun)
    -Added believable selectable features instead of advertising features comment
    -Allowed user to keep specific services like networking and related interface controllers like HID and touch support

    Autorun mode will run program without showing UI so I highly recommend to run this without stopping services on startup.

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    I just tried it and it is a lot easier than manually shutting down all the services. I use my HTPC for other things besides music and movies so this will be nice to use for shutting down services.

    I was just going to request that you make HID optional. I installed it and realized I couldn't control the volume with my keyboard.

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    Granted in 1.1. You can choose to keep network functionalities and HID/Tablet services for HTPC remote and touch control. This program is amazingly good without stopping services too. You should try it once in a while to see why I named them 'cutting edge' and 'state-of-art' lol.

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