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Thread: Floyd Toole on speakers and acoustics

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    Floyd Toole on speakers and acoustics

    Audio interview:

    * Live vs reproduction
    * Multi-channel vs two-channel
    * Bass response in the room
    * Quadraphonic
    * Background of the study related to multi-subs
    * Sound-field management
    * "near-field" sub-woofer?
    * Square rooms and ideal room size. Do they matter?
    * sub placement
    * center channel location
    * surround channel placement
    * More channels in the front or behind?
    * Constant beam-width speakers and line array
    * Consumer reports speaker testing and Harman lab

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    While I get a very satisfying phantom image in my sweet spot, I don't doubt that what Dr. Toole says about multi channel is right. Unfortunately, until the recording industry starts using multi channel to create the sound field he envisions, it's a pretty moot point. Now, playing the overwhelming majority of music, my only choice for using it would be to sum the stereo channels to the center, and send stereo to the rears, resulting in big expansive mono. What was surprising was that he said the best place for a single sub might be the center of a wall. I have always heard that was a bad place...

    In high-end audio, you can't even fight an opinion with the facts.

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    Well, he goes to say that you get so little output from the sub in that location.

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