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Solid-state on high-sensitivity horns? My dear Max might you be suffering from Tube Derangement Syndrome?
I was just referencing that tube-amps distort in another way than SS-amps.
Most solid state amps decrease their distortion when their power increases. Until nearing maximum power, when distortion increases again.
Thats why SS have to be very low distortion (very high quality) for horns in order for you to not notice this phenomenon,
because their starting distortion is so low you do not notice the difference.

Triode tube amp's start with their lowest distortion and distortion increase with power. Thats why they are preferred for high sensitivity speakers.
Tetrode tube amp's dip at a few watt's and increase afterwards. Good for medium sensitivity speakers that idle at a few watt's.
A speaker can match an amp in the sense that it's "normal power-consumption" at listening level is in the zone of lowest distortion of the amplifier.

But do not believe that this will fix your every problem. Some high sensitivity speakers can have quite challenging crossovers,
which can cause problems for the low current nature of a SET.

I'd love to hear a Living Voice system with Soulution/CH or DarTZeel.