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Thread: Getting an Ampex ATR-102, looking for 10 reel titles to start me up!

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    You're very welcome, Larry.

    It occurs to me the most reliable method for procuring AAA program material in reel format is to go straight to the label.
    The label, of course, must establish its bona fides.

    We're fortunate there exists a number of labels that satisfy this AAA profile. Then, there is the matter of the recording, itself.
    I don't have sufficient experience, yet, to determine if these AAA recording labels have a house sound, e.g. RVG for jazz or
    perhaps, Decca for classical.

    As one interested in minimal mic technique, e.g. non-close mic'd, recording of acoustic performances, I may listen to these
    various labels differently than other listeners.

    My resolution for obtaining bona fide AAA reel program material will likely revolve around establishing a budget and requesting
    the label select program material, which they assert represent the best examples in their catalog of the AAA reel medium.
    I may not care for the music, necessarily; however, I should get quite an education relevant to recording technique and its presentation
    via home reproduction.


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    Enjoy the ride


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    Quote Originally Posted by kodomo View Post
    Just ordered Muddy Waters - Folk Singer from Analogue Productions as it is a favourite album of mine! So Masekela and Prokofiev tapes will be waiting till I get my preffered tapes from each company.

    Next, when I turn back from my trip in a week, I will be ordering Nikolai Kazantsev's Astor Piazzolla tape.

    I am waiting for Ed Pong now, he will let me know when his tapes are ready, and those will be the next ones after Nikolai's tape.

    After that, I will give a shot for international phonographic tapes.

    This master tape stuff will ruin me for sure...
    at least you´re sinking with the flag up on top!
    solderslinger and faster than his own shadow

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