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Thread: Need technical help on a DAC!

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    Need technical help on a DAC!

    Hello, this part attached came off loose recently. With that said I am not sure what this part is and what this does, and I don't have any amplifier or speakers to see ATM if the DAC still works or not after the part had fell off.
    Would I still be able to get sound through my DAC with this part off? Can I just take this to a local repair shop to get it re-soldered & Is this a simple job? I have no idea about the technical side of audio gear and I really don't want to ship this 60 pound unit back to the main HQ to get this fixed. I'd rather have this done at a local shop even if I need to spend a few extra dollars.
    I hope this DAC still works since It looks like there is another identical part sitting right next to where THIS part was attached to. And also it looks like this part came off the USB Asynch board - Does this mean it won't have anything to do with the coaxial input side of things?

    Here are some attached images on IMGUR photo album!

    First image is the part that's been broken off.
    Second image is the USB Board which the part came off.

    Help! and thank you in advance!

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    Is this an exD DAC? I would recommend contacting the manufacturer first in regards to the issue. Any idea how it might have come loose? Did it have a fall or perhaps this occurred during shipping?

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    It is a surface-mount 220uFd 16V electrolytic capacitor. This is directional, so you can solder it back onto the board, but it must be in the right direction or it will puff up and explode or put out smoke.

    The minus side is the solid-colored brown side. The other side is the plus side. The board is usually marked with a + sign.

    These types of capacitors are usually filters for DC voltage on the board, part of the power supply system.

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