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Thread: Amplifier recommendations for Salon 2ís . . .

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    Luxman can be bridged to get 600w into 8 ohms so budget can be rolled.

    But if power is important I would go for a symphonic line Kraft, used, either RG7 or the Kraft. Relatively low cost
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wookii View Post
    Thanks for the suggestions. I have wondered if the Dart might not be able to power the Salon's sufficiently as mentioned above, but I have no specific concerns over the Burmester or Luxman, both are, as I understand it, high output designs, despite their lower RMS ratings. As I say I don't listen particularly loud anyway.

    The Pass 250.8 is definitely on the list, the 350.8 is out of budget though.

    The Hegel is not really on my radar, I don't know much about them so I'll check them out.

    The D'Agostinos are out of budget sadly.

    I have heard the Levinson 532 driving Salons, and I'll be honest I wasn't overly impressed. The 532H, though a cheaper and lower powered model, was notably superior when I listened side by side.

    I'll look at the Krell, though I think they lost their mojo a bit when Dan left - they are known to be a bit analytical I think, not that thats a bad thing per se, I'm a fan of detail, but I'm also aiming for as natural sounding as possible.

    I did used to own some older Jeff Rowlands (Model 6 if memory serves), and I didn't really get on well with them, maybe it was their age, but although they were very smooth, they were also very veilded so it kind of put me off the brand. Did you go though any other options before you settled on the 625?

    On the Arc, I don't really want to have to bother with output tubes. I don't mind a single tube to two (as in hybrids such as the Aesthetix), but not a full tube amp at this point in time.
    I think the a used 350.8 would be well within your budget, and a used DAG S200 not far above.

    Do look at the Krell and Hegel. From what I understand, the Krell 402e is not in any way considered bright like some of the older Krell.

    Regarding the Rowland 625 and 625 S2.....Jeff's current design is utterly transparent......in NO way veiled. Jeff uses Salon2's in his listening room FWIW.

    I only auditioned a DAG S200 around the same time as the Rowland as I was taking a big step up from the previous setup. The 625 is absolutely on par with the DAG Mommentum stereo amp.

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    I've used two of the brands already mentioned with my Salon 2s - a Plinius SB-301 Class A/B stereo amp, and for the past several years Symphonic Line Kraft 250 Class A monos.

    The Plinius was a really good match with the Salon 2s and can be had for around $5-6K used. I only moved away from that amp because the Symphonic Lines became available not even fully broken in for a ridiculously low price. They are triple the list price of the Plinius, but the stereo version pops up used occasionally. After getting them back in 2012 I haven't even bothered thinking about anything else, they are that good.

    Regarding little fingers and heat, the Plinius does run pretty hot despite being Class A/B. The Symphonic Lines are quite a bit cooler, as they employ some kind of sliding bias Class A that keeps the heat down.
    Pete's system:

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    Pre-Amplifier: Symphonic Line "The Enlightenment" Tube w/Telefunken E88CC and Mullard CV2492
    Source: Symphonic Line Belcanto CDP w/Turbo power supply and optional DAC; Ayre C5xeMP
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