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Thread: Best music software?

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    Quote Originally Posted by asiufy View Post
    I've tried a few, and the best bang for the buck is the Innuos line. Roon Core, enough CPU power to do DSP with Roon, but it won't do HQplayer.
    Alex, Any news on what they are bringing to replace the SE?

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    All I can say is that it'll come out soon... I'll likely have it for THE Show in June.

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    I'm still a JRiver user (Jriver 24 64bit - as I also use MathAudio Room EQ), thought about foobar2000, they have a MathAudio Room EQ plugin for free - but alas, I've already paid for the Windows vst version. I love Jriver myself. I guess I love the ability to tweak it to my taste. Now I'm running a separate NAS server located in another room that feeds my HTPC, which feeds my DAC (Burson Vivid op-amps), to my prepro (Denon x4300H). The HTPC is windows based, while the NAS is a FreeBSD based program called Nas4free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by astrostar59 View Post
    What is general opinion on Roon sound quality? I have used Audirvana+ for 5 years and updated each time a new version came out. I changed DACs 2 weeks ago, and my new DAC is more resolving of my server (Mac Mini with Uptone Audio MMK, LPS, SSD, 8 meg RAM feeding USB to my DAC. It sounds fantastic, but it got me thinking.

    So I spent all day on trying Amarra, HQ player, PureMusic, then lastly Roon. Audirvana+ is still ahead of all of these except Roon. This surprised me. I tried Roon about 18 months ago and it was nothing special. That has changed IMO.

    I don't upsample, and feed my NOS DAC resident rate. Swopping between A+ and Roon on select tracks, they sound very similar, closer than the rest of the bunch. But A+ has a digital sound to it, a very slight coarseness that clings to the treble region, most noticeable on female vocals for example. This may not apply to all setups, but that is what I am hearing on my system.

    And this absolute absence of hash or treble grain brings a more realistic and relaxing musical experience. It is super subtle, and I notice it most on my LCD4s, but it is hard to ignore it. This is great, a very cheap upgrade. Also the Roon interface is first rate, better than all the others I have seen.

    Probably most folk on here have already tried Roon or use it already, but if not I would say have a go at it. It has grown up some!
    When you say you tried HQplayer, how was it configured? There are many filter, dither, upsample and conversion options which all yield different sound. In my experience, HQplayer solo is better than Roon interface -> HQPlayer which is better than JRiver. Recent SW updates have closed the gap between the Roon interface -> HQPlayer and HQplayer solo but HQplayer solo is still the best IME. I haven't tried Roon solo in a few months but when I did HQPlayer was definately better.
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