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Thanks for the welcoming!!! NAS into Mac Mini running Roon, Boulder 2120 DAC, 2110 preamp, 3060 amp, Magico M Pro speakers, Critical Mass Maxxum stands, Nordost Odin 2 cables and power cords. Would love to add analog too just havenít taken that step. The system is in a room designed by an audio engineer with absorptive walls (couple reflective points by design, but almost all panels absorb sound) that pulls double duty as my home theater. So one of the 2110 inputs is a Kaleidescape Strato 4K Ultra HD movie player into Datasat rs20i into Sony 4K projector.
Fantastic! Quite a system! In fact, I am actually more interested in your thoughts on the Kaleidescape which I am very interested in.

1. How exactly does it work? If we own 600 DVDs and Blu-Rays...do you burn them all on your hard drive?
2. What happens if you have multiple regions...does that cause issues with Kaleidescape?
3. What is the difference between their 2 main lines of products?

Thanks for any guidance...i have read the website and came away with these questions...and am still waiting for dealer here to provide answers.

As a consumer...how high quality is it...are you happy with it...since it apparently costs more than other options, why did you buy Kaleidescape instead...and do you think it was worth it?