I tried using the MacMini headless but it drove me crazy not being able to see the screen when I ran into problems, which was quite often.

So, I bought a cheap GeChic 1303i 13.3Ē display that runs off of two USB ports for power and uses the HDMI display port. You can easily turn off the monitor when youíre not using it.

I also bought a Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad. Now, I donít have to fight so many cables. I can balance the keyboard and trackpad on my legs and navigate around while sitting in front of my rack. I stuck the display on a low music stand.

I tried Duet tethered to an iPad with a USB cable but that doesnít help if the Mini hasnít booted enough to load Duet.

Iím excited about the Luna dongle that will transmit the screen wirelessly to an iPad. Iím on the preorder list but that probably wonít ship until December or later.

Iím not sure how people can turn off internet, as some have mentioned. I need it to stream from Tidal, Naxos, YouTube, whatever.

Iíd like to learn if there are huge ways to improve my sound by modding the Mini but Iím going to look into room correction software first with REW, room eq wizard, and a USB mic to create filters for Roon.