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Thread: Magico A3 on

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    Magico A3 on

    ARC 40 Anniv preamp, MC2 S1400 monoblocks, Magico S5 speaker, CAS with MSB Platinum IV Plus dac, MSB UMT Plus & Signature Transport Powerbase, Furman isolation transformer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CKKeung View Post
    Pretty gutsy of SS, kudos to them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CKKeung View Post
    thanks for this. great article!

    i think in the coming 18-24 months there will be more and more manufactures looking to make a real full range hi-end speaker that are attainable to many more people. for example, look at the 'Idea' from Avalon Acoustics, which have to say is nothing short of stunning for those us will small rooms. They throw a massive top to bottom image, have a shocking dynamic range, and they pay special attention to the bass issues that arise in small rooms. more manufactures should think about this!

    it is SO easy for a manufacture to make an expensive 9' monstrosity that requires a massive room (which most people just don't have) but it quite an other to build a speaker that is room friendly, sized appropriately (for most of us) and uses trickle down technology and combined to make a very special speaker for us. more manufactures need to understand this!

    personally, i don't think Magico's direct competitor will do anything like this, simply because a majority of what they sell is still overseas and that market is still quite strong, nor do I think they have the resources to make anything like while maintaining their profit margins (even Magico had to outsource some of the machining and they even admitted it turned out better then they could do in house). regardless, I have to commend Magico and their team. Well done Alon!

    I am sure this will be a game changer and i will be making an order.

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    I'm attending a demo of the new A3s at KJ West One in London on 8 February.
    Alon Woolf is going to be there.
    For those in the area tickets are available from KJ through their website

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