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Thread: Measuring the frequency response of tape playback electronics

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    Quote Originally Posted by topoxforddoc View Post
    If I want to do this properly, what else do I need apart from the ST1510A plus suitable MRL tape? It seems quite hard to find a ST1510A in the UK or Europe. Is there another machine I could use instead?
    As Fred pointed out, you don't need an ST1510A or any other machine to generate a plot of the playback frequency response. You need the appropriate software and MRL tape. I use AudioTester V3.0 and an MRL tape that has a 20 to 20K sweep tone. See graph of my Tascam BR-20 playback response. Attachment 41142
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    I use ST1510A's but the fans in them are driving me mad. What 2 channel quality sound card are you using?

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    I put a resistor in series with the fan to quiet it down - can check the value/wattage if you'd like


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    I am using a Focusrite USB interface.

    Here is another 20 to 20K playback FR plot using my new tape preamp, Flux Magnetics head and Technics transport.

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    Still using the old EMU tracker.

    The nice extra is that it includes a 48v phantom supply for the ECM8000, needed when I want to use it with REW for acoustics.
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