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Thread: Rowland Aeris DAC

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    Inside part 2

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    Inside part 3

    Close - starting to the right of the circuit board

    Power from PSU comes here

    Fairchild MOSFET's

    Linear Technology Regulators

    An old USB receiver from TI - TAS1020B

    From TI "This product is not recommended for new designs"
    Why not use 24/192 Cypress USB receiver instead of the old TAS1020B?

    Xilinx Spartan FPGA/DSP, Two gold crystal clocks over the Spartan.

    Under Spartan there are three chips.

    Left - AD1895: 192 kHZ Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter
    Middle - Xilinx Flash for the Spartan FPGA chip
    Right - AKM 4113 24/192 S/PDIF receiver

    Going to the left of the circuit board

    At the top - more old technology.

    One AD1853 delta sigma 24/192 dac chip.

    Under the dac chip there are two Lundahl LL1588 transformers
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    Looks awesome!

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    "From TI "This product is not recommended for new designs" ?
    Why not use 24/192 Cypress USB receiver instead of the old TAS1020B?"

    I thought the same thing. I thought the new "in" thing is higher sampling rates, and usb is the newest flavor of the month with 24/192. ?

    Simply stunning to look at.

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    Rowland Aeris vs the new Berkeley audio Alpha 2 Reference DAC? Well this would be an interesting comparison for the devoted JRDG Aeris types who seem to really enjoy the JRDG DAC.
    All things being equal in a system w/ JRDG amps, preamps and the like is it likely the Alpha 2 ref. Dac might be a tad more resolving, airy, spatial and detailed?
    The power supply that comes w/ the Rowland is going to be hard to exceed in a single chassis unit like the Alpha 2 Ref. There are few JRDG dealers who also handle Berkeley Audio.

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    I went from an M1 to the Jeff Rowland Aeris DAC. This is what I hear in my system: The Aeris provides more detail, without brightness. In comparison the Bricasti is on the slightly dark side of neutral...consequently cymbals in particular have less detail on the Bricasti, but alive and real with the Aeris. Solo instruments emerge from a darker background, soundstage is wider and definitely more space between instruments. I do have a Jeff Rowland Continuum S2; therefore the results maybe because of the synergy between the Rowland components. Both are great DACS!

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