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Thread: L1 Pre-Amplifier for sale

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    L1 Pre-Amplifier for sale

    Hi there,

    I hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting that m L1 is for sale here. It's a 230V model, a little over a year old and located in New Zealand. I have all the original boxes and documentation. It is as-new. I expect I could change it to US voltage if needed - I'm an electronics engineer. Let me know if interested and I'll check.

    The reason for sale is simply that wonderful as it is, I'll not be able to go to a full CH P system.

    Questions welcome. Proposed price 12500 Euro.


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    GLWS Murray. The L1 is an anazing preamp.
    As far as i understand, the units are all configurable for different voltages. I’m sure CH can confirm what is required by way of switch selection on the rear and appropriate fuses.

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    Thanks Chris. Yes I've been told the switch is there, and rather well implemented as you would expect.
    The preamp is now sold.
    Thanks again for your input.

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