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It seems like much well recorded music lacks a ton of complexity where there are only a few sources in the soundstage. Perhaps this has some effect, or lack thereof?
I still find the "fill" to occur when there is any audible jitter present, even small amounts. Just sounds like venue echo. When you play complicated music, it can become musical soup due to jitter.

Try this: If you have a decent track of Doors "Riders on the Storm", see if it has these attributes when you play it:

1) vocalist seems totally disconnected in space from the other instruments, like he is in an anechoic room
2) rain and thunder are way in the background, like 30 feet back - this part sounds like a live recording
3) instruments are very forward

Kind of a mixture of studio and live, with the studio being in different rooms for vocalist and instruments. Interesting recording, but once you hear what is really happening, it's a bit contrived.

If you don't hear these things, and you are playing digital, there is too much jitter in your source.

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