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Thread: Driving | Car Review: 2017 Porsche Panamera 4S

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    can't say the Panamera was every a good looking car.

    at the LA Auto Show, the GTS cars were my favorite

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    Quote Originally Posted by hi5harry View Post
    OK, but allow me to playfully defend my 2013 Panamera GTS. It's got a BIG BUTT, let's move on. Some think it's ugly. I remember a car that was so ugly they called it a bathtub Porsche! They made an even uglier version that had running water when it rained called the Speedster. Now they are " cute". $100,000. cute. If you collect cars, you usually want something different looking. Something that distinguishes it as a certain year. As the Panamera gets better looking and blends in with the masses, my GTS never will. It's quirky. How does it drive? The GTS designation is usually Porsche's fastest normally aspirated, best cornering version of that model. It was the last of the V8's ( except the Turbo). Yes, I know the v6's now have as much power and torque and are just as fast, but they feel different. A normally aspirated V8 compared to a turbo V6 are not the same car at all. The GTS feels nothing like the other Panamera's when pushed hard. It DOES feel the same when you have four people driving to a concert.
    I'm sorry the only 4 door Porsche that is tolerable to look at is their SUV / Crossover. Anything else with more than 2 doors is an overpriced Volkswagen ............
    Cheers - Dave

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