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Thread: Thought I'd introduce myself

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    Thought I'd introduce myself

    I'm not sure this is the right place for introductions but here goes.
    I'm retired and happily living in Santa Fe NM. I've loved music all my life. I became an audiophile about 25 years ago when I got a good job and some disposable income. I've had some different systems over the years and some rooms from 18x24 ft to 12x12 ft. I'm now in a music only room that is 17x17. I'm very happy with the sound and my current system. You can read what I have in the way of equipment in my profile. That's all for now.
    John Barlow

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    Hello John in NM from Tom over a bit of land on the East coast. Please allow me to offer you a very warm welcome to the What's Best Forum!

    My journey started when I heard my Uncle Tommy's system when I was 8 years old. His speakers were taller than I was at the time, ran off of this new "thing" to me at the time......a tube amp. Been hooked ever since.

    In search of accurate reproduction of music. Real sound is my reference and while perfection may not be attainable? If I chase it, I might just catch excellence.

    The best way to enjoy digital music reproduction is to never listen to a good analogue reproduction.

    I post my own opinions except when posting as a moderator in green.

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    Welcome, enjoy your time here.

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    Welcome to WBF, John!
    Mono and Stereo - Senior Contributing Reviewer

    turntable: American Sound AS-2000; tonearms: SME 3012R, Schröder LT; cartridges: ZYX UNIverse Premium X-SB2, Air Tight Opus-1; tape: Studer A820 Mk II; phono stage: Aesthetix Io Eclipse with 2 power supplies; line stage: VTL TL-7.5 Series III; amplifier: VTL Siegfried Series II; loudspeaker: Gryphon Pendragon; cables: MasterBuilt Ultra; stands: Herzan + Taiko Tana + Evo LPS for Io, custom for turntable, Stacore Basic+ for amps; power: Benjamin Electric subpanel, JPS in-wall wire, Furutech NCF outlets, Torus AVR60BAL; room: 19' wide X 24' long X 14' tall; acoustic treatment: SoundSense A.T.I. + Lumitex drapes + Vibramat, ASC IsoThermal Tube Traps; tweaks: Shakti Stones, Shun Mooks, self-propelled sound-absorbing cocker-poo

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    Welcome John ! Have fun
    You can never have enough power !!

    Custom speaker in progress

    Can help with recomendations for hotels and good food in munich !

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    Welcome John. Nice gear!

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    Hi John. Welcome.
    I see in your profile that you are using a pair of Jadis JA 30's... great choice. I am now enjoying a pair of JA30Mk2's myself. Superb amp.
    I also see that you are using Fried speakers, how do they match up with your Jadis amps? I have not heard a pair of Fried's for many moons, but
    the ones I heard were pretty nice.

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    Welcome John, great choice with jadis. May I ask you what you think of the symphonic line TT, what did you have before? The reason I ask is his big 400w Kraft amps are very impressive and also heard great things about cart.
    Audition recordings: Zero Distortion Link; Reference Components: Zero Distortion Link; Own: Lampi GG One-day-to-get: Apogee Scintilla, or a horn (with Tenor 75 OTL ), Preamp to be fit in to suit the gain and drive the power amp. Analog: TBD

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    I've had the JA30s for probably 20 years now. They work very well with Frieds. I did change tubes from a set of GE 6550s to a set of Gold Lion reissue KT77s and finally to a set of Psvane EL34s. I found the 6550s to be a tad bright . The Frieds are very revealing. I've never had a speaker that the 30s couldn't drive. I've gone through a few amps but the 30s will always stay. My wife wouldn't let me sell them if I wanted to. She calls them " the little jewels." As far as the SL turntable goes it's fantastic. Before that I had a TNT. I have in the last month's done a lot of upgrades to it. It came from Rolf with a Linn Ekos tone arm which I used for years. This summer I found the Kuzma on Audiogon and bought it. Then I bought the Ypsilon sut. Well that unfortunately didn't match with my old cartridge. I bought a new Ikeda 9ts.p All is right again. This hobby should be plug and play but it's anything but. It's all in fun though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loki1957 View Post
    (...) It's all in fun though.
    Welcome John - we really need members that love the fun of the hobby!
    DCS Vivaldi 2.0 stack, Soundlab A1 Px's while waiting for the XLF successor, EMT927, SME3012R, ARC Phono 3, Lamm ML1.2 Ref, Lamm L2ref, Stealth Dream speaker , Crystal Dreamline ICs, TA XL digital, TA XL gen V power cables, CenterStage footers and Nordost Qkore8's!

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