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Thread: Recommend me a SS pre.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackelsson View Post
    I'm just bumping this thread up to see if there are anymore ideas coming up in regard to a SS preamp in the Pass XP-30 range with min. 3 XLR Inputs...
    question intrigues...so kept mulling...here's another : Plinius Reference M10Name:  Plinius-Reference-M-10-RM-10.jpg
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    and the Luxman C-900U

    Name:  luxman-c900u_rear-600x600.jpg
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    Burmester 808 MKV.
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    You could always choose to roll with the sterile/clinical crowd and forego a PreAmp altogether

    Apparently, its the way forward, so I hear. I suppose that crowd has a point if budget is of concern given the influx of new 32Bit DAC/PRE's on the market.

    I myself remain skeptical that this is the path forward given past experience but I do seem drawn to the idea every now and again, for reasons unknown but most likely cost related even if I don't realize it yet.

    Anyway, not that any of this reply answers the OP's question but at least worth a moment of forethought if nothing else. I'll probably take a short detour and try the DAC Direct route again just to make sure I'm not going insane and to confirm my past experience/attempts. If I come to same conclusion again, that a PreAmp is a must have, I will lay down my hard earned on a new Pass Labs XP22 and take it to my grave

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    I’m using the C900u with D’Agostino M400 monos and love the combo. They complement each other very well.

    Quote Originally Posted by gryphongryph View Post

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