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Thread: Taiko Tana-LPS-Setchi---listening

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    I didnít Peter. But I presumed the concept of active electronics an inch away from my sensitive tube gear and assocd psus wasnít a good idea in principle. I have to seperate my pre and pre psu by at least 6Ē, I wasnít about to take a punt on active electronics right under my pre etc.

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    Tana Setchi combo on pretty bendy suspended wood floor

    Today, I had my third customer data point.

    Lampi GG > Asthetix pre > Lampi mono blocs > Evo Acoustics MM2 all on a suspended wood floor.

    The Tana with active enabled could not handle people walking across the room !

    However, when we sat down, the active isolation was able to get the top plate under control and stable in less than 2 seconds

    When the music started to play there was a very definite improvement in the tightness of the bass. Clarity increased, and tonal body was very nicely denser and richer

    Very challenging floor structure for active anti-vibration, but the Tana + LPS + Setchi combo was still able to delivery a very enjoyable SQ uplift with no audible negatives.

    After this observational data point, we will be happy to do demos in sound rooms with suspended floors !
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    Well, I can move about with my passive pneumatic Stacore supporting tt and highly sensitive air bearing linear tracking arm with absolutely zero mistracking issues.
    And 40 hrs into a brutal burn in period (linked to other aspects of my analog dial in), Iím also getting stellar results.
    Ok, what we can conclude from Tana working as well on a suspended floor, and my passive platform experience being wholly positive, is that my inferior experience of active Kuraka (direct equivalent of Herzan) is nothing to do with active not being suited to non solid floors, and everything to do with the Stacore being absolutely top drawer in terms of performance.

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