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Thread: SMT in the house

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    SMT in the house

    I ordered the SMT wings direct from Sweden several weeks ago. Fedex just dropped them off. I decided that I would try the 'paper' version (less shipping, less cost, etc.) to see how they do in my room before going any further. Looked daunting with all the peices at first but I just got one (of eight) assembled and I think I got the trick. Here are some photos of the completed panel along with the many peices that need to be puzzled together.....I will post a few more photos of the assembly process later.
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Size:  118.9 KBCouple more photos..... The design is ingenious. For ~$130.00 ea., once you figure out the trick(s) to putting them together, its quick and easy. They are paintable too. So far I have put two in my music room and am waiting for the glue to dry on the others.

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    Pretty cool

    How do they sound?

    Do you have a link to where you can buy these?
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