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Thread: Shakti's walk throughout the exciting Koetsu experience :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonzo75 View Post
    Hi Swen, can you please write some notes on the pre amp compares?
    Hi Ked,

    Well, to be honest the preamp comparison has only been a side show for me, being completey overshadowed by the analogue gear. Let me put it this way: the Einstein was an older model and did very, very well for the money one has to pay for it on the second hand market. The Ayre KX-R didn't impress me at all and I'm still wondering what kind of setup would be needed to make this preamp a good match. And as for the BAT and the Thöress: well, I would see them on a similar level with slightly different strengths so this is not 'better' or 'worse' but instead a question of careful system matching and personal preference.

    ...on top I must admit that I have a very big soft spot for the looks of the Thöress and do not really like the industrial design of the BAT. So that alone would sort it out for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackelsson View Post
    . . . I liked the Koetsu Urushi Wajima and that I preferred it over the stone bodies was quite fascinating. . . .
    Whoa, whoa, whoa . . . please tell us in detail about this conclusion. Do you think this is a relatively general conclusion for you or do you consider this view to be anomalous and confined to the facts of this particular audition system?

    Where do you place the Rosewood Signature Platinum in this analysis?
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    my Koetsu Urushi Wajima Gold is anvery good example and outperformed my other Urushi by a length. The Onyx Platinum stone body was in comparison playing a different charaktet, more defined and more structured, but with mess magic moments.

    I know the difference between Onyx and Onyx Platinum and I can understand, that some people prefer the older non platinum magnet. So preferring the Wajima Gold is not only a commitment to a wood body with heavy urushi laquer ( the wajima gold is nearly 2,5g more than a sky blue) but also a commitment to the non platinum magnet.

    For me personal, the Koetsu coralstone platinum is tonal between the Wajima gold and the Onyx platinum.

    But the best output of the workshop was, that everybody of the nearly 40 visitors over the weekend found his favorite Koetsu.
    We had votes for the Vermillion, for the Black Gold Line, at least every Koetsu of the comparison found someone who loved it.

    Very much driven from the different music too. Therese Juel with Tiden Bar a Gar was a song, done for the wajima or the Coralstone, IGORRR was done for Black Goldline and Onyx Platinum and so on.

    Finally it is not too bad, to have more than one Koetsu :-)


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    Hi Ron, I think Shakti hit the nail with his comments. The Koetsus are real personalities, and like with real personalities not everybody matches with everyone. Don't get me wrong, I definitely liked the Onyx and the Coralstone and they clearly added another little bit of resolution and realism to what the Wajima did. But there was simply something special that the Wajima did for me. Well, at least in Shaktis room and system. Here at home thinks might look differently again, who knows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shakti View Post
    Very much driven from the different music too. Therese Juel with Tiden Bar a Gar was a song, done for the wajima or the Coralstone, IGORRR was done for Black Goldline and Onyx Platinum and so on.
    Well, didn't we actually even hear Igorrr with the Onyx...?

    I must admit that this album was quite a discovery for me, especially at these live concert volume levels that were possible at Jürgen's. A bit challenging to listen to more than say two tracks in one go. Still, first thing I did when I came home was ordering the LP. Truely special...

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    Igorrr is quite special, but they do rock the classic opera houses in Europe (mainly France), we heard Igorrr with the Onyx Platinum,
    but I like the Black Gold Line a lot with Igorrr too.

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    Sorry to go OT.
    But what are these Zingali horns like?

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    I found the Zingalis surprisingly good. I‘m not usually a horn fan. I‘ve heard quite a few horn based systems over the years and while I can definitely appreciate their strong points there was regularly something missing for me. Especially in terms of imaging and soundstaging, two points that are very important for me, even the most expensive hors couldn‘t match what a really good normal loudspeaker can do. And that‘s now where the Zingalis were a pleasant surprise. A good cone speaker might still be better (hard to say by hearing a speaker in an unknown system) but on top of their usual horn merits the Zingali managed to draw a surprisingly good three-dimensional image in Shakti‘s rather large listening room. Having said that, even if these were the best loudspeakers in the world their rather challenging looks would never make me think about buying them.

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