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Thread: Finite Elemente Pagode instructions

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    Finite Elemente Pagode instructions

    I'm looking for a scan/PDF of the Finite Element Pagode hifi rack instructions. Be forever grateful if someone could help me out!

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    Rumor is they may no longer be in business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedudeabides View Post
    Rumor is they may no longer be in business.
    Yes you are correct! But I was hoping that an existing owner might have an electronic copy, or be kind enough to scan/photo their paper copy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by extracampine View Post
    I'm looking for a scan/PDF of the Finite Element Pagode hifi rack instructions. Be forever grateful if someone could help me out!
    I own a Finite Elemente Pagode table and I do not remember having seen any instructions. I have changed the tables position several times and it is a simple affair, although I have developed a technique to do it alone - I go from bottom to top. I pile a lot of boxes, books and magazines until I reach the shelve height and then rest it on them exactly in place. Then I unscrew the lateral spikes to fix the shelve and then the locking nuts. Then I just repeat the procedure for next shelves.
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    Exactly. I bought all my Finite Elemente racks new and they came without any instructions.They came assembled and if you whish to change the position of shelves do as micro suggested.
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    Finite Elemente - For Reference

    Given the demise of Finite Elemente...can appreciate not that easy to get hold of marketing/instruction materials.

    Have attached two files (under the Forums attachment limit) easy to post here....

    Have a third which is the brochure for the Pagode stands but is 4.5mb..if a moderator could add to this post...more than happy to provide.
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    Thanks folks. I did manage to move a shelf by adjusting the spikes, but I would still like a copy of the actual instructions.

    I had seen those PDFs before, but thanks anyway. It's the assembly instructions that I am keen on.

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