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Thread: Anyone heard the MBL 116F?

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    Quote Originally Posted by adyc View Post
    I have 9011 but always interested in learning from fellow MBL 101 owners their experience of different amps. In general, I am wary of tube amps. I have ARC Ref 40 and Ref 10 before. Both sound greats in the beginning but performance goes downhill very quickly due to tubes ageing. I have now Passlabs Xs. It is great and very happy with it.
    That's great that you are happy and in the end what it's all about, what size of room do you have? What type of music do you listen too? Are you into analogue.

    I have never owned the ARC Ref40 or 10 so I can't comment but back when I was doing amp evaluations I owned MBL 6010d, Arc Ref3, VTL for some three years plus and VAC. I never had any issues as you mention, VAC was my favorite out of the others.

    Have you had the 6010d paired up with your 9011's? What cables are you using?

    Have you checked out my thread about my VAC journey? If not you should, prior to leaving and upon arrival back I had the 9011's paired up with my 101E's.

    Any pics you can post showing your set-up.

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    Curious if owners of MBL's in general take the time to level up their speakers. I was over to a guys place the other evening for a listen and found he hadn't, I was surprised when I checked "actually visually could see they were off" and both were really out of wrack. I found initially when listening images not as focused nor stable as they should be along with performers in general on the stage.

    I personally feel it's very important to ensure what ever speaker you own they bang on level. - it makes a difference.

    See the picture below, this is what I use and tells me exactly what's going on and what foot to adjust - I also use this on transports besides what it was actually manufactured for "turntables"

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    Are you still an MBL owner or have you moved on?


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    Quote Originally Posted by thedudeabides View Post

    Are you still an MBL owner or have you moved on?

    My MBL's were just picked up yesterday and going to their new owner, I owned them for 9 years - truly enjoyed and learned allot. Absolutely marvelous instruments.

    I have not replaced them but do have a secondary speaker to listen to which I have owned for over a years time.

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    What speaker do you have in mind? Why are you changing it? I'm curious to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adyc View Post
    What speaker do you have in mind? Why are you changing it? I'm curious to know.
    You have a PM

    X-treme would be nice

    They are absolutely wonderful speakers, paired up with the Vac Statement 450's really allows them to shine - match made in heaven! My VAC's are available so if anyone is interested PM me.

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    Is very excited today when my new MBL 116F speakers come in during the day. Have never had MBL before so this will be exciting

    Espen L

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