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Thread: Audio preamplifier needed for church...I think.

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    Audio preamplifier needed for church...I think.

    Hi All! I really don't know anything about audio preamplifiers (or audio for that matter) but I am helping the church I go to. They want to improve the sound of the total audio there (music from the band, microphone audio for the priest/speakers). We're told amps are not allowed because they distort all the mics and the sound guy wants to have full control of the sounds. Been searching online and read a bit about how audio preamplifiers could help in this department . I've also found a bunch on Amazon as well. Don't even know if these are the correct items needed. I'm sorry if my terminology is off or am unclear, but just trying to help them out best I can. Haha. Honestly, their audio all sounds fine to me. Thanks for any input.

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    I think you need a new sound guy LOL

    Seriously however, it is difficult for us to make any suggestions if we don't know the cause of the bad sound. It may not even be the equipment at all, just their deployment and use.
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    We need way more information than this to even begin to give advice. And Jack is correct in that many systems fall short not because of the equipment.
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