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Thread: CDM7 losing heights with age

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    CDM7 losing heights with age


    I have a 20 year old pair of CDM7 which I used intensively in the first 10 years, then sporadically in the following 5, and almost not in the past 5 years.

    Recently I decided to use them again, and I was hugely disappointed to find out that they are missing a lot of the high range frequencies. Low end is still fine bit high end seems muffled.

    Is there any known problem with them, like not ageing well? The tweeters or the crossover?

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    The first thing I would do is to clean their terminals as well as the jumpers if you use them. Some great tips from our own Tom Mallin her

    Do let us know what happens

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    Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I'll try that later today. Will keep you informed.

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    Try connecting the speaker cables just to the two upper terminals - if there is no sound there is a problem with the tweeters.

    Sometimes people loose the jumpers when they disconnect the speakers - are they in the proper place, well screwed?
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    so I cleaned the terminals and the jumpers, reconnected everything, well screwed everything. Sadly it made no difference.

    I also tried wiring only the tweeters as suggested, and they work.

    There is another possibility for the muffled sound, not sure though:
    The room the CDM7 stand in is only about 12m2 (around 130 square foot), and I believe it's just too much bass for such a small room, which makes the heights sound under-represented.
    Also it's quite impossible the place the speakers correctly which enough distance from the walls in such a small room.

    The issue still could result from capacitors in the crossover gone bad (old, dried out) though.

    I have a pair of DM600 S3 which I use for now, and they sound more balanced in that small room, of course much less powerful in the lower end.

    I'll keep on analysing. Maybe I'll move the CDM7 to a bigger room the weekend to check how they sound there.

    Thanks everyone for their suggestions.

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