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Thread: Confessions of an Audiophile Junky-I Got Center Stage With Pitch Perfect Sound

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    I wanted to clarify a very important point about which I have been frequently asked

    I have been including 2 different shim sizes in each order placed in the event that perfect application of one of the feet is not achieved to the under aspect of the component. The confusion seems to be where the shim should be placed. I a finding that some users have inadvertently placed the shim between the top the CS foot and the underside of the component. THIS IS INCORRECT!!!

    It is mandatory that the shim be placed between the bottom of the CS foot and the top of the shelf upon which it stands. For those users who are also owners of CMS racks it is advised that the shim sit on the metal interface that Joe provides with his shelves

    I hope this clarifies some of the misconceptions
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    As I mentioned in Steve's home thread, I had the pleasure of visiting Steve in OC and listened to his marvelous audio system, which has the most CS footers under audio components that one can imagine. Steve demonstrated to me some CDs and LPs which gives out a total immersion effect, which to my ears are incredible for a 2 channel speakers system. The soundstage can go through several kinds of presentation, which quite accurately represents the recording venue, and on some can really have the 'wrap around' effect. The best example would be Roger Waters' Amused to Death on vinyl. I can hear sounds to the left of my ears and a bit to my right. I cannot explain how that can happen, but it is a mind-blowing demonstration and something that I have never heard before. I have not heard Steve's pre-footers sound so I cannot say point blank what the effects are but Steve swears by the fantastic things that has happened, and given that I personally have experienced the great effects of the footers, I do not doubt Steve for a second. There is the same lateral imaging precision from left to right in Steve's room which is similar to my own findings in my own room. Bass is staggering too, and each instrument comes out with virtually a perfect rendition. Simply stunning.

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