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Thread: Confessions of an Audiophile Junky-I Got Center Stage With Pitch Perfect Sound

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    Quote Originally Posted by audioguy View Post
    But at least in one form of the phrase "statement speaker", you would have to agree it qualifies.

    Good luck trying to sell them !!!

    Hope you are doing well !!
    doing great Chuck. I hope you and your wife are well and wish you and your family a Happy Holiday season
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    Tonight, I listen to my main system. This is day 3 since I installed the center stage footers under the ARC CD 7. Power cord on the ARC CD 7 is a masterbuilt ultra. The ARC CD 7 is connected to an FMA 268 by a masterbuilt ultra IC. The IC from the FMA to the Croft mono amps is the FMA IC. The Croft are connected to stacked Quad 57 by masterbuilt ultra SC. Power cords for the Croft are Sensory Power while the Quad 57 use the stock Quad power cables.

    Music is exactly the same as last night.

    I'll start with "Fever". The intro starts with a beautiful interplay between the orchestra and a solo horn. Then the double bass and finger snapping enters before Elvis starts to sing. Elvis here is full size. After perhaps two stanzas, Elvis alters his voice and Elvis starts toying with his voice's dynamics before Michael Buble joins in. The two voices are very distinctive from each other. Elvis sings solo again and Michael Buble joins him again for another stanza. The piano is also very clear at this part of the song. The drums are very dynamic and very quick giving an excellent sense of suddenness. The soundstage starts from behind the speakers. Height and layering from front to back are excellent.

    Now, "In The Ghetto". It starts with an intro by the orchestra. Elvis starts to sing and the drummer softly joins in behind him, followed by a guitar to his left and finally the back up singers join in. Elvis' voice is very solid and deeper sounding and he seems to be standing nearer the microphone than he did in "Fever". The back up singers seem to be in two rows, the back row standing on a higher platform than the front row. Also, Elvis seems to take a step back to be nearer his back up singers when he sings with them. The soundstage in this song is nearer, with more width and height than in "Fever". Soundstage depth layering is also excellent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mullard88 View Post
    Hi Joe,

    You read my post correctly. I will leave my amps on from now on. Is it ok to turn the volume control all the way down or should sound actually be coming out of the speakers?
    Hi Mullard88

    Once again, I apologize for the late reply......more travel. It's best to have sound coming out of the loudspeakers. This doesn't need to be loud. It just needs to be quietly present. We've learned that even low level vibration helps settling. This will help make the settling period as short as possible. I don't want you to experience an extended settling period if it can be avoided. I hope this helps!
    Joseph Lavrencik
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    Hi Joe,

    Copy. I'll follow your advice. Thank you and I hope to shorten the break in time.

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