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Thread: Confessions of an Audiophile Junky-I Got Center Stage With Pitch Perfect Sound

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    Itís been about 3 days since i installed the footers under the phono stage and preamp and two days under the power amp.

    Maybe Iím lucky since I didnít seem to have suffered the trials and tribulations of the break in period of these devices.

    To summarize, there are days when our systems canít seem to do no wrong and you just canít pull yourself from the listening chair except to pluck and play cd,or,lp after another, an endless ďone for the roadĒ before hitting the sack. Unfortunately, the days when the system is in the ďzoneĒ doesnít occur with regular consistency so we try to figure out why, maybe the kids were polluting the power line with computer garbage, or the cables were moved an inch or two, or did I inadvertently move my seat from the sweet spot just the day before? Who knows but Iím sure most can relate to this experience.

    Now imagine your system being in the ďzoneĒ day after day, night after night, hour after hour, even after itís ben turned on and still stone cold. That in a nutshell has been my experience so far. Itís useless for me to go into specifics cuz I wouldnít know where
    To start. All I know is what I hear is consistently excellent and Heaven only knows how the system will sound in 7 days after the alleged full break in period. I leave it up to Jadis and Mullard and the others who have tried these devices to give you a blow by blow account of the improvements they experience on a day to day basis. As for me, im just gonna listen and throw away my reviewers cap. Itís 3am and I need some sleep...

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    Hi Gerry

    Iím gjad they arrived safely and you have gotten them into your system. I do know that settle in time is system specific. I can promise you that the sound will continue to get better over the next 7-10 days so stay tuned and let us know in a week what if any changes you are hearing.
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