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Thread: Gryphon at RMAF

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    Good to hear, I was there Friday and it sounded as you describe, that's awesome you got it sounding lively and dynamic. There was also a big mismatch in tweeter height to ear level when sitting in those chairs, I was wondering if that was an issue as tall ribbons beam in the vertical plane... I'd consider raising and/or slightly tilting the speaker back or bring some nice low-slung couches, which would be much nicer than those hotel chairs anyways!

    Congrats on the awards!

    The room photographs well with the nice background, but I'd consider some lighting for the speakers and equipment rack too. I think the best photos come from taking the pics without a flash... not that many put effort into making sure the room photographs well w/o flash.

    Just for example, the Voxativ room with light on the speaker drivers...

    The Gryphon speakers was missing their original feet, that would lift the tweeter 1 inch higher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BruceD View Post
    Agree you did damn good--I'm only nitpickin'

    On the other hand--there are some that still feel any ole Snap will sell their goods!


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    But Bruce, its his "personal unit!" That has to count for something.
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    Congrats! We've got the sources leading to a Burmester 948 to the wall of dedicated lines. But the Gryphon is direct to a dedicated hi-voltage 16amp outlet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Philip O Hanlon View Post
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    It really was a unique experience for us to attend a show and straight off the bat to start collecting awards. As soon as we opened the doors on Friday morning, Steve Rochlin from Enjoy The Music showed up and presented us with a Product of the Year Award 2017 for the Diablo 300 & DAC,

    During the day, a couple of the RMAF organizers showed up and reminded me that I need to attend the International Press Awards ceremony on Friday evening.

    I am v grateful to Jason Serinus from Stereophile, who posed the question on Saturday as to whether the Diablo amplifier was connected to the Isotek line conditioner, when I confirmed that it was, he instructed me to immediately connect the amplifier directly to an AC inlet. Wow, what a difference, in comparison the Isotek connected amp sounded congested & turgid. The amp suddenly had terrific dynamics and sounded lively with unlimited power. My apologies to anyone who came by the room on Friday or Saturday morning. By Sunday afternoon the system was really rocking. We measured Michael Fremer's vinyl rip of Led Zepp's Whole Lotta Love, the Bob Ludwig Hot LP is stunning ! (Just bought my own copy on eBay this afternoon.) - people were measuring 112dB on the phones, everyone left the room with a HUGE grin on the faces. Great fun was had by all.
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