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Thread: MM carts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halcro View Post
    As a 'small-risk' recommendation to 'test' the validity of my claims, I generally recommend buying either a used (even without stylus)
    • Shure V15/III
    • Victor Z1

    These are both plentiful and 'cheap'....
    And ordering a new Jico Neo-SAS stylus directly from Jico.
    In this way, one can have a new cutting-edge micro-line stylus on sapphire cantilever implanted in a generator/coil engine designed and fabricated in the 'Golden Age' of analogue for $400-$600 complete.....
    It might be worth mentioning though that Shure has a quite distinctive house sound that most people either love or hate, with not much middle ground in between. For me personally it was not something I wanted to live with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackelsson View Post
    It might be worth mentioning though that Shure has a quite distinctive house sound that most people either love or hate
    It's not just Shure....
    The same can be said about most cartridge manufacturers.....Lyra would be one in particular.
    Many say the same about SPUs and Koetsus.
    Perhaps the largest manufacturer in the world, Audio Technica, has a distinctive aural 'finger-print' defining its cartridges across hundred of models over 60 years.
    'Choice' is the operative word.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackelsson View Post
    From what I've observed in other forums the discussion about MM vs. MC can for some reason become quite emotional. It'll be interesting to see where this thread goes...
    As long as someone doesn't talk about what cables to use with MM carts we should be ok......

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonzo75 View Post
    Thanks guys this is good information
    I want to stress that I believe that every audiophile needs to find a Signet TK-7 series and try it out. I've had several friends to the listening room and all are quite amazed by the sound of my system with the TK-7SU. And...I paid $350 for it on eBay. $350!!!!

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    Is there any point buying the signet without the screw driver?
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    alrighty then..........i do so prefer MC carts, especially as one ascends the scale in the ortofon line. i had a fave and still wouldn't mind one-Kontrapunkt b which has a ruby cantilever. for about double now as new prices are higher-Cadenza Black with boron (my favorite cantilever material) cantilever.

    for now i will make do with my FR1 mkIII and later my new OC9II.

    i would like to see a good guide for MMs regarding capacitance and how to arrive at the right one for a given cart. i still have and use a grace F9e, a shure V15Vxmr (NOT my favorite sound which is why i think capacitance could be the problem though many have been happy with an SAS stylus), an AT150 and a 170 stylus, plus a great sounding stanton 881s with a nos stylus that hasn't been mounted.

    it is unlikely that i can wear out a stylus.

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    The next time your up in Birmingham Ked bring your SPU with you and we can compare against my Goldring 1040 Iíve also got a Denon 103 MC
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    I've been curious about MM. Last one I owned was Grado back 30 years ago...

    Some MM are getting pricey...any one heard the new Grado Epoch?
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