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Thread: Sensitive Sound MC Cartridges in the USA

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    Sensitive Sound MC Cartridges in the USA

    We were searching for the right replacement cart for a client using a Lyra Delos who wanted, in their words, "more weight" and with a sub $1500 budget (partly because they are planning a Torqueo purchase for the winter...) and tried a Sensitive Sound ART Majestic. Liked it a lot and so picked up the line- starting with the two modestly priced lines: the Splash and ART. Obviously biased, but combination of musical, visceral presentation, good frequency extremes and very natural balance were compelling. While Mr. Lebedev's statement designs are very low compliance and quite heavy these models are more typical to the LOMC norms and are pretty easy to match to typical tonearms.

    Solypsa is authorized to represent Sensitive Sound for the USA. There is an ART Majestic making demo rounds right now, if any forum members want to try it out let us know!

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    Good news: Roman is making the ART series in Mono as well. Stylus profile options exist, let's talk. At 9.5 grams and medium -low compliance they are pretty flexible with tonearm matching.

    Boron cantilever, 8n windings on MuMetal, Permalloy or Permendur cross cores...

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