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Thread: Aqua Formula - new upgrade, retrofittable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbo6 View Post
    Wow, the GG is $20k+ USD. Separate thought but has anyone compared the Lampizator Pacific to MSB or TotalDAC 12?
    Has anyone compared Pacific to GG yet? Pacific valves are still restricted, the other valves haven't rolled out, so I will be able to valve tune my GG to beat the Pacific.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spiritofmusic View Post
    My q is not so much whether balanced is better.
    I gather the vast majority of, if not all, dacs sound better balanced.
    It’s whether single ended is decidedly worse, and loses any performance superiority the dac has.
    How much of a SQ discount there is with RCA compared to XLR, I suspect is quite preamp dependent

    Our experience with Aqua Formula playing through RCA is very limited. Sorry can not be more helpful
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