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Thread: Saskia 2 Reference tt

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiritofmusic View Post
    Mike, I've been known to labor the same point over and over on the forum (groans all around LOL), but I've never known such an uber designed high end tt get so little, practically zero buzz.
    For such a no compromise design, from mass, to materials, to unique idler implementation, fascinating motor, and not to ignore the price North of $50k, there's just NOTHING online.
    No website, no reply to direct emails, no reply to PMs here (I often emailed him in between posts he was making sporadically, but nothing back). Do any of you high end tt owners even have a friend or a colleague who invested in one?
    I need to leave it, this is a trail that's gone cold. Part of me thinks there is a sad story here of maybe good order levels, but inability to keep up with demand, and so a disappearing from visibility, or maybe personal issues.
    Surely someone here knows.
    So don't go the bespoke route. Why bother

    What about a Brinkmann Balance or Bergmann? I'd focus on brands with good U.K. distro

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    Keith, can't argue with that.
    I tend to naturally warm to idiosyncratic designs and enthusiastic innovators, hence my feel for Zu and Sean.
    I've really been drawn to the Saskia package with the new take on idler tech, slate mass loading and 3 phase Papst motor. This ethos really spoke to me.
    These more standard designs like the TW etc aren't so exciting to me.
    But, I can't argue against yr logic.

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