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Thread: Why does Wilson wire internally with Transparent cables? Should Wilson owners use Transparent also?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slcaudiophile View Post
    this post is completely ridiculous. what on earth does ones education have to do with anything? who cares! looking at your bio you go on and on and on and on about what you do. am i impressed? no! my point is ones education has nothing to do with anything related. itís not a job interview dude.

    it is a forum. he asked a question. it happens! if you donít like it move on and write some more self-important BS about what you do that not a single person here cares about.
    To be fair to Marty, as i recall, i did not sense that Marty was probing into the person's background. On the contrary, he was simply responding to the fact that the individual came out first to suggest that his business school education was one of his strong suits providing him with business acumen and the justified ability to criticize and discern the difference between good and bad business practices. After a few comments, I think the person then went on to say how many Nobel laureates or something had worked at the university, etc. Then when Marty asked which university it was...the person refused to say.

    At the time...I did think it odd.
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    I tried many many cables with my Alexias including Nordost, Shunyata, High Fidelity, Ansuz. Not one of them beat my Transparents in overall.

    But thats just me of course.
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    FWIW, my goal in system setup is a balance of sound frequencies. It bothers me when certain frequencies become overly prominent or laid back. I don't really care for sound staging nor pay much attention to imaging. When a system sounds balanced with good texture on the instruments I am there. What's related to this thread is that on my prior posts I'vd indicated a switch from Transparent to Crystal Cables after a change in room. After further experiementing I ended up removing the Finite Elemente Cerabase on the Alexandria 2's and went back to Wilson spikes. This change solved a lof of bloated bass issue in my current room. With this change I ended up going back to Transparent interconnects and speaker cables. I lost some definitions but the system sounds more balanced now.

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