OMG..where have I been for the past decades? I have just been hinted on this upcoming model.

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The thread of Lampi's Golden Gate dac has been (for me anyway) very informative, interesting and fun. However, Lukasz is on the brink of launching a new top of the line dac called Pacific. According to Lukasz the new Pacific dac will be extraordinary and he believes that it can compete with the 'big guns', including dacs that are much more expensive such as Mike's select dac. Well, who knows?

If everything goes according to plan I will be able to listen to and test the new Pacific dac in my Tidal LA/Kondo set up in about three-four weeks time. Really looking forward to that (and actually a few things more but I will keep the latter to myself until I know for sure what these new developments have brought me, sonically speaking).

A few of our members have undoubtedly received some (inside) info on the new Pacific dac. Hopefully they can share some of this already with all of us. So therefore I have opened a new thread on this promising new top dac from Lampizator. I hope this new thread will be as informative and interesting as the GG thread.