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Thread: Kondo M7 + SFz vs ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gian60 View Post
    How you did?
    Hi Gian
    The photo was taken by Bé's friend Brian.
    I am a huge Yamamura fan and was inspired when I read Ken Kessler's article about your system. Luckily I became friends with Brian, who worked and stayed with Bé during that time. Brian apologised for the poor quality of the photos because of difficulties with the camera's flash and the reflections from the amplifiers.I think that is you and Ken in this picture?
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    Cantus, we what speakers do you have, what amps are you driving them with, and what TT?
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    Quote Originally Posted by byrdparis View Post
    Hi all...
    i was wonder if anyone had the opportunity to hear this set of phono stage and if yes, to compare it to others phono stage on the same caliber?
    it is my all time dream but the cost is super high, and i would buy it blind... (except the SFz i have in my possession right now and its the most awesome SUT i ever heard... )

    thank you.
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