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Thread: K.I.S.S., the basics and the Sound Revalation, for me anyhow!

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    BTW, my own system in extremely simple:

    Router - Ethernet cable - Ethernet isolator - Ethernet cable - Network DAC with volume - balanced cables - Final Drive transformer - RCA cable - SET tube monoblocks - speaker cables - speakers

    Steve N.
    Empirical Audio

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    This happened on the cheap, finally they are free from their cardboard confines!
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    Listening mode.
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    Rega P1/Rega Phono Mini USB/Denon DL-110/
    Pioneer Spec-1 Pre/Pioneer Spec-2 Amp
    Magneplaner .5 QR
    Kubala Sonsa Anticipation Cables
    Pioneer CT-1250/ Pioneer SG-9500/Pioneer TX-6700
    Xonar Essence STX/Samsung DVD-HD841 Audio Only

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