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Thread: Battery replacement for preamp

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    Battery replacement for preamp

    Hello dartlovers
    My actual batteries no longer last 2 hours on bat-mode
    So I think is time to replacement
    I've been told that Yuasa NP4-12 is the replacement but also i found a photo on internet with SSB SB5-12.
    So any recommendations?

    Important, Do i need to do to anything special? Or I simply need to unsold -> sold, and that is?


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    Hi Luis,

    This looks like a perfect opportunity to have your preamp upgraded to the new version, with newer/better batteries (+ other goodies)!
    Why don't you contact darTZeel in Geneva and see what can be done?
    I wouldn't do anything to the batteries before contacting them anyway...

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    As far as I remember the Yuasa was the best choice. However remember that the batteries come pre-charged - IMHO they should only be changed by someone with technical knowledge and in the correct order. And you should have an adequate solder to solder to the battery lugs.

    Last time I heard about it there was a long waiting line for preamplifier upgrades.
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    Yes, please get in touch with Herve as doing things in the incorrect order can fry the pre amp. Better to leave to a dealer or send back to Dartzeel if you don't feel confident about it.

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    WOA :O
    I didn't know that they need to be replaced in a specific order...

    Thank you friends !!

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    When I bought the preamp a few months ago I was talking to Hervé and he sent to me all the details of the upgrade, but I thought that the batteries long more than 6-7 months...

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    Hi there, I asked Hervé the procedure to replace the batteries, and he kindly sent me a complete pdf
    so there is no need to unsold/sold, and no specific order of replacement
    only is needed an angled hex wrench to do the job
    Althought is "easy" is very very tricky because of the small place of working and you have to put the preamp upside up, upside down, ... and so on... so very care is needed

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    I have begun to use the BTM mode on my 18NS for casual listening which produces surprisingly good results even if the sound lacks the bloom when played in battery mode which of course is preferable. However the advantage of the BTM (or AC) mode is that it constantly charges the batteries which are always ready for serious listening. I find that degree of flexibility satisfying especially since the waiting list for the upgrade with its improved batteries is lengthy.
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