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Thread: Schroeder, Durand Talea II, and Spiral Groove Centroid

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    Quote Originally Posted by spiritofmusic View Post
    John, I use what I consider in my humble opinion the greatest bargain in whole of high end, Trans Fi Audio Salvation Terminator T3Pro air bearing linear tracking tonearm, that cost me all of 800/$1k.
    Google it.
    Unlike the Kuzma Airline and Walker air arms etc, it uses a low pressure pump and very short (3") wand.
    Despite what you might think, it tracks like a bloodhound despite appearing to be a bit "floaty" on my variably warped lps (my tt is designed so lps sit on Delrin cones w no clamp, the very opposite of having lps bonded to the platter w vacuum hold down).
    However, in my new room which has been a revelation, my analog hasn't QUITE dialled in.
    Hence, I'm looking at options...
    I just looked it up. Very interesting. I glanced at how the arm mounts. It seems compatible with the Grand Prix, however will require a custom arm board. Not sure how much that will cost. I had to have a custom board made for my former LT and current Centroid. If you go this route, be sure to use the same metal that Grand Prix uses, it's part of the plinth damping when it bolts in...
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    John, tbh I'm a bit wary my air arm, or something similar like yr old LT won't work on my new deliberately designed Stacore air platform.
    I actually am more likely to pair something like Parabolica with 14" 4Point, Thales Simplicity (having been given the all clear by XV for non uber static installs) or yr very own Centroid.
    I actually also have my eye on a v interesting DD alternative.

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    Why would LT not work on the stacore?
    Audition recordings: Zero Distortion Link; Reference Components: Zero Distortion Link; Own: Lampi GG One-day-to-get: Apogee Scintilla, or a horn (with Tenor 75 OTL ), Preamp to be fit in to suit the gain and drive the power amp. Analog: TBD

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    Ked, John intimated he had to dispose of the LT because his GPA wasn't earthquake-proof static.
    Well, the Stacore has two sets of wobble built in, the horizontal and vertical isoln of the main air pumps, and the lateral isolation of the Rollerball-assisted top shelf.
    So if the GPA rack precludes the LT, then it may very likely preclude my air arm/linear tracker.
    I remain a bit disappointed the LT isn't more adaptable for supports that are less than 100% static.
    I mean the GPA would still sell itself as not overtly compliant.
    It'll be fascinating to see how my air arm does. If it really is compromised, my search for a new tt/arm begins in earnest.

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