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Thread: Italian top cable KURO

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    This are mine with Kuro power cable

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    Here's my Kuro AC Power cord. This is a special model for SS power amps and use 7cu copper solid core and mu-metal screen. Extremely rigid and not flexible, heavy.
    Huge dynamic contrast, great detail, no harshness; just only a little forward in medium range, neverthless absolutely excellent; no reduction in bandwith. I have to discover better since I got it from February last.

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    Italian does it better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tango View Post
    Italian does it better!
    Paolo Caliari

    My System.

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    power distributor

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    Are in Aviometal,the top of aluminium,with copper on to stop some vibration residual and feet in alpha gel to stop the vibration
    Inside is copper 7N solidcore with alpha gel to reduce vibration of power,with dielectric cotton silk and basalt and mumetal that is the top to isolate the interference and the copper solid core is screw to schuko,because if solder with tin lost information,and schuss ATL with contact in pure copper/gold

    There is a ground system where his power cable have a third small cable,like phono cable,to connect to the ground of power distributor to put all the power to ground
    different from Tripping that is a passive grounding

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