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Thread: Dispelling ground myths

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    An observation from experimenting with grounding my audio cables...

    I have all Synergistic UEF cables now (level 4 or Galileo) and they are all grounded, plus my components, to an SR Ground Block. It looks a little crazy to have all the thinner grounding wires going everywhere but it works very well. Much lower noise floor and much less compressed sounding system. The Ground Block plugs into a different wall outlet so I can demo the effect very easily. It's quite noticeable.
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    Have just performed a nice experiment: Violated the code and lifted the motor and the stroboscope of my EMT930 off the ground (it floats now).
    Gained clarity, 3d image, and very seductive sparkle to the sound!

    My home conditions: The system is powered from 3 dedicated lines. Ground is the common
    ground of building (I live on the 4th floor, no chance for a dedicated ground), but it is separately routed to the system.
    Again violating the code, everything except the RIAA pre is off the ground, interconnects are unbalanced.
    TT motor, stroboscope etc connected to the household lines not to polute the dedicated.
    Most probably there was an inductive coupling of the motor/strobo to the cart/SUT, closing a huge ground loop.

    Jarek Korbicz
    Manufacturer of Advanced
    Anti-vibration Solutions

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