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Thread: Visit to KeithR

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    I'll keep the Zu flag flying.
    Ron, you'll have a chance to hear them REALLY sing here when you get around to visiting me.

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    Yes, I will!
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    Great and simple setup! - I have not yet heard the latest from AR but, based on this report, I think I should! .. Well done Keith!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bonzo75 View Post
    (...) Also, SET based systems do not seem to use AR and VTL type preamps, probably preferring simpler circuitry and not requiring the pre to that drive and slam and stage, so not sure if these upstream electronics that work with panels and cones work with SET and horns. Same would go for aesthetix IO
    The Audio Research REF40 seems an exception ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by microstrip View Post
    The Audio Research REF40 seems an exception ...
    That's just one among his many toys! Theres even has a Boulder there in the mix.

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    This last Thursday I got to visit KeithR.

    I was in Palm Springs for some family time, and went to Anza one day so my grandmother could meet up with people she went to school with - in a one room school house. The rental car was a Nissan Armada, 2018, so we could get 7 people in it. I drove that into LA and with 390HP I was able to monster-truck through traffic like a champ till Waze put me on a few one way alley type streets. I highly recommend Waze, it kept me out of traffic and tickets pretty darn well. I stopped at Record Surplus before I headed to Keith's, because I had a little bit of time since I tried to make it there before 3pm - when traffic picks up. I found one record, but have to say I doubt anyone would walk out without at least one. They have low prices, like way lower than Discogs, and almost everything is in very good shape - maybe they grade ultra conservatively. But I can say they don't seem to be hanging onto highly desired albums that are on the floor.

    Keith has got a fantastic view that could nearly make someone take up smoking so they could be on the balcony all the time. But it was a bit smokey while I was there. The joke that seemed to be going around was, "go visit the LA area for some clean air"; since it's much nicer than the heavy smoke from fires all over.

    Prior to my arrival Keith had been warming up his stereo a bit. But to be honest I think it took a few extra minutes before it got to it's full capability as a flamenco guitar album I brought sounded better on the second side. The guitars and such bloomed more and didn't sound as much like they came from a speaker by the second side.

    At no point did I play Ron's SPL levels that got the needles really twitching up well above half way. But none the less I have to agree with a lot of Ron's impressions. The Devore Gibbon X's appear to be very nice. They can really play everything nice and linear without sounding like analytically-annoying studio monitors; and they don't need tweeter horns to do it. They're a bargain for sure, one that is well worth investigating for those looking in price ranges that are above the Devore's. The bass seems slightly harder to tame than some, as there was a narrow frequency range that the room seemed to act as a resonance enhancer but otherwise the bass goes deep, articulates nicely, and blends right into the mids without a seem. When I say narrow I mean it only happened on one song, for a brief moment. As far as who would like the speakers I think they're right for people whom are sensitive to tone and want a cohesive sound. If soundstage and imaging is all you crave then the 1st order crossover probably isn't your ideal. They sound more like linear music representation, less like a 3D mapping device.

    The electronics seem like Keith did a great job of matching up his components. They have a tight well composed sound, no nonsense. They are smart choices from an engineering perspective. I like non-belt driven turntables, the cartridge seems to track really well, and the preamp recovered well from any tick or pop (keeps them quieter). Overall the analog seemed like it favored newer, hotter, recordings a little until the volume got pumped up a bit.

    The digital sounded good as well, voices where dynamic and powerful from the MSB. But I was actually digging Keith's music selection more than playing analysis, for most of the digital tracks we gave a listen to. It's nice to run into someone who doesn't have all the same albums.

    Unlike for Ron I got to hear his TVC based preamp with Wave Kenetic feet under it. We pulled them out and the sound became slightly more dull, slightly less clear. It wasn't hard to tell, but wasn't a difference that would make you think you changed speakers either.

    If you get the chance and you got an invite, Keith is a great host, with a great stereo, and probably will introduce you to a few new albums/artists you'll like.
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    Thanks for the kind words, Fulsom - I really dig the Devores and feel they need more exposure on this forum as well as others!

    Really fun hearing your amp as well - look forward to seeing it a show sometime!

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