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Thread: Ethernet cable

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyb123 View Post
    Yes the Wireworld Starlight is really good. Their lesser priced Chroma is actually very good value. It easily beat a long run of Audioquest Cinnamon.

    I use a 8m run of Chroma between my wall jack and a Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter connected to my Mac Mini - and then a 1m run of Starlight between the built in Ethernet adapter on the Mac Mini and a Sonore microRendu. (A bridged connection sounds better).
    Agreed. Wireworld Starlight hands down. Chroma like you suggested isn't bad but Wireworld wins in the long run.

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    I like also the WW Starlight. I have a second one running from router to media player and then my Oled Tv and the difference in picture quality justifies the investment.
    Also using WW Chroma7 in other connections, it has beaten the Supra Cat8, blujeans and acoustic revive easily. Hands down Chroma is the best value for money LAN cable out there.

    I want to try the platinum or goebel but I'm afraid the chance I might like them over the Starlight.

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