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Thread: USB Cable Choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Audiocrack View Post
    Yep. In my system I prefer the Audio Refine usb so my Curious usb cable is for sale. Anyone interested?
    I'm interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedskater View Post
    blue jeans cable
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    x2 ...........
    Cheers - Dave

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speedskater View Post
    Blue Jeans Cable
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    Quote Originally Posted by twitch View Post
    x2 ...........

    This was my first choice but this is their full offering! and they are out of stock!!!

    Plan B?

    USB 3.0 Cables
    Blue jacket, type A to type B connectors
    Length Price Length Price
    3 foot 4.00 Add to Cart 6 foot 5.50 Out of stock
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    I'm still voting with AQ Diamond! You should hear it with a 216V DBS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by johndoe21ro View Post
    I'm still voting with AQ Diamond! You should hear it with a 216V DBS!
    I have heard good results with mine. But I also find the Synergistic Galileo to be excellent.
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    The Phasure Lush Cable is damn good, especially when you cut the power with either and adapter or special unpowered USB 3 to a Dac that does not need the 5v, even for handshake. I tested it yesterday with a pal where we rolled 5 types and it may even be the marginal favourite over the Curious Cable, which is also good. Note that its a 2m Lush vs 0.8m Curious.

    Others that did well were 0.75m iFi Gemini (data only connected), Light harmoonic 1m dual cable and Lampi unpowered (mega-volt fried) USB cable. The lampi cable my friend had was easily bested by the LH cable before, but with the $200 Aubisque filter, the gap was cut so much that preference is now in the highly subjective range. All the cables did well either stock or with simple tweaks.

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