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Thread: DarTZeel 108 Ver. B - Power Cord Suggestion

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    Question DarTZeel 108 Ver. B - Power Cord Suggestion

    Hi all,

    My 108 Ver. B shall be arrived soon in next few days. I am considering matching a power cord for it. My primary choice is :

    1) Shunyata Research - Alpha Analog
    2) Shunyata Research - Alpha Analog HC <-- this is too much?
    3) Siltech - Explorer 270P
    4) Kubala Sosna - emotion
    5) Synergistic Research - Atmosphere

    First three can be found in my local market, the others have to be ordered online

    My current set up is
    {ROON Library with Tidal} Macmini & Synology NAS {Local Music Library} -*Network*-->
    {music streamer} SoTM - SMS 200 --[Siltech - Model USB] -->
    {DAC} Esoteric D-07X (Powered by Siltech Classic SPX800 PC)--[Siltech - Paris RCA] -->
    {Pre-Amp} Gryphon LE (Powered by Shunyata Venom) --[audience OHNO RCA] -->
    {Power-Amp} DarTZeel NHB-108 Ver. B (Powered by ??) --[Nordost RED DAWN speaker cable]-->
    {Speakers} Franco Serblin Accordo

    Listening: JAZZ, classic pop, easy listening, chamber music, vocal (female), blue and sometimes Kids songs for my twins who are 3 :LOL:

    Any suggestions and advice which one you prefer?


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    I haven't tried the others, but the Kubala was a very, very good match for the darTZeels. You might want to look at replacing that Nordost, as it considerably thins the sound of the amp.
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    The KS did not work in my Dart system so it will depend on your speakers - I preferred WyWires.

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    Thank you guys. I may go for the Shunyata Research alpha Analog. Thx.

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    I use Stealth Audio Dream V10 "Power", works the best for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waimac View Post
    Thank you guys. I may go for the Shunyata Research alpha Analog. Thx.
    If you can afford the HC it will likely be worth the additional spend.

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    Hi all. As per my personal preference. I finally pick a Siltech Explorer 270P for the Amp. All of my DAC and preamp are using the Siltech SPX-800 pcs.

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