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Thread: B&W at Munich 2017

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    B&W at Munich 2017

    Hi All,

    Interested in amp pairings with b&w.

    Does anyone know what was showing at Munich with the B&W speakers?

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    It was the Esoteric Grandioso line, I think they had 4 mono amps on those.
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    Top of the range Esoteric system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobbi View Post
    Hi All,

    Interested in amp pairings with b&w.

    Does anyone know what was showing at Munich with the B&W speakers?
    Hi I have heard the 802 D3 with symphonic line Kraft, which seems to be a reasonably common pairing in EU especially Germany, and they were excellent. They also sounded good with 20k GBP Naim amps though not as good. The Kraft, I had directly compared to Burmester 911 with a burm pre.
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    That's awesome to hear, I wish I could have witnessed that pairing.

    I am a big fan of the new D3.... I have the 802D3 paired with Cary05/Boulder2060.

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    Thanks guy for the response. Much appreciated.

    The Esoteric gear looks very nice indeed. Having 4 x M1 would be just fine !

    re: B&W. Only heard them once and it was 804/Mcintosh/Linn.

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    I hear the 800 D3 with 4 x Musical fidelity M8 mono's, all Atlas Asimi cabling, it's fabulous, I think D3 will be my next speaker.
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