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Thread: New Wadax Atlantis Line

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    How does the the system sound with the Trinity power amplifiers compared with the Zanden amps?

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    Hi Jonyunh.
    As you can read, this thread is called " New Wadax Atlantis Line ".
    Please refer to another one your question to keep the original theme here.

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    Thank you for your reply.

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    Hi jonyung.

    I'm sorry but i'm not in the Show. That pictures are made by a friend.
    I'm sure other people will post their amplifier impressions on another thread as i do with the Tripoint Troy Elite.
    That forum is so complete that you can share your impressions or questions on a large dedicated theads.
    The Show begins tomorrow so i doubt that someone has already heard the system.
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    Final system configuration

    Name:  IMG_0679.JPG
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    I have a question for Javier Guadalajara.
    I understand that the Atlantis DAC has the Zepto clock.
    The new Akadia DAC will also have this Zepto clock?

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