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Thread: New Wadax Atlantis Line

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    New Wadax Atlantis Line

    I've found this company that seems very popular on Asia.
    I'm interested on the server. It seems to be on the same line that SGM 2015.
    I've not seen any comment about Wadax here. They were on Munich with their new line.
    Any experience?

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    Roy Gregory reviewed the previous version of the Wadax DAC and phonostage on The Audio Beat. He rated them extremely highly.

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    Thanks. I'll read it tonight.
    Some pictures.
    Name:  IMG_9461.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_9458.JPG
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    Hi everybody.
    Listening on my home a demo Atlantis Server.......
    Name:  Wadax Atlantis Server.jpg
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    Looking forward to your feedback , Cheers !
    "It is music coming from another world, it is coming from eternity." ... HVK

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    A few days ago I had the opportunity to listen to the DAC Atlantis vs a Vitus CD and Atlantis left me shocked.Name:  IMG_6417.JPG
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    Nice preamp you have there nonesup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonesup View Post
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    Oh, but that's not my system
    I just have a humble Audio Research Ref 5 SE.....
    That is the installations of Sound Sevilla, and distributor for Spain of Magico, Vitus, Wadax, Robert Koda ...........

    A few months ago, when I was looking to change my speakers (I ended up buying Rockport Atria) I heard that same configuration, but the digital source was the Vitus CD (without external DAC). Frankly the sound of the magician did not like anything, strident, cold .........
    About 10 days ago Pedro (the owner) called me to listen to the Atlantis. The configuration was exactly the same, except that the Vitus CD only acted as transport. Wow !! That change, that organic sound, fantastic. I may still not be Magical my cup of tea, but now I understand that there are so many people who love them.

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    Anybody could change Wadas to Wadax on the Thread Head?
    Thank you

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