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Thread: new Ortofon MC Windfeld Ti

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    new Ortofon MC Windfeld Ti

    Ortofon has just announced their new MC Windfeld Ti cartridge which they will first show on Munich's High End exhibition next weekend. Going by the technical data it seems to be a direct successor to their long-standing MC Windfeld but with the middle part of their standard MC cartridge frame now being produced in SLM technology and also being made out of titanium, as already being the case with their MC Anna and MC A95.

    Being a bit of an Ortofon fan I cannot wait to see this thing live on the show. Price in Europe seems to be around 4k€.

    Link to website

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    Thanks for the link. I was hoping that Ortofon would keep with their prior output capacity for this new model, unfortunately they have once again produced a cartridge that has minimal output...0.2 mv according to the spec sheet! IMHO any cartridge that is producing 'flea' output is out of contention. Too little flexibility with the accompanying phono stage and far too much propensity for increasing noise in the system. I just wonder when these cartridge manufacturers are going to figure this out!

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    Well, I must admit that I quite like ultra low output cartridges and actually prefer them most of the time to higher output variants. Nowadays most of my MCs are between 0,12 mV and 0,26 mV output - the odd one out being the Lyra Titan i at 0,5 mV - and so far I didnít encounter any issues running the cartridges on my Pass XP-25. I actually had a vdH Colibri specifically being custom built as an ultra low output version, and later got confirmation from Mr. van den Hul that it would have the edge over the standard 0,38 mV output Colibri if the phono stage could handle it. I'm happy...

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    You can already see!
    Ortofon New Windfeld Ti Cartridge

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